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IN SHORT: I'm a multi-media artist, content creator, and creative leader offering expertise in visual communications—advertising, branding, concept development, film production, design and illustration. 

WORK HISTORY: My long and winding vocational path looks a little like this: artist, dog walker, used-golfball sales specialist, toddler-sitter, Baskin-Robbins ice cream scooper, Zamboni® driver, artist, reporter, private investigator, forest-fire fighter, artist, agency admin, computer lab monitor** art director, associate creative director, creative director, group creative director, creative strategist, artist, dog walker.*


ART & CREATIVE DIRECTION: Much of my professional marketing experience comes from various Creative Director roles in advertising agencies around the country. I've led creative teams, created + executed visual strategies for global brands, and produced content that engages and inspires. I'm well-versed in defining solid creative strategies, creating holistic visual approaches—and using these as the foundation to tell a brand’s story. 


ILLUSTRATION: My passion for art and a persistent drive to experiment with all kinds of media have also fueled my work as a fine artist and commercial illustrator. I'm a close observer of daily life and the human condition with a deep appreciation of beauty and a healthy dose of the absurd. My style often combines a playful tone with an irreverent sensibility and it's been described as insightful, unvarnished, and of the moment.


VALUES: I believe in the power of paying attention, creativity, innovation, and thoughtful design to achieve results. Partnerships with people and organizations committed to the betterment of humans + animals + planets are my fave. Along with those who value excellence, creativity, kindness, originality and fun. 

RESUME: is right here. 


*I, Stacy J. Milrany, hereby declare and affirm that for the tax years 2013-2023 I reported no income derived from the business of roaming around with my dog. Nor have I received compensation, remuneration, or financial gain of any kind in exchange for patience, petting, Ahimsa training, high quality dog food, nail-trimming or stick-throwing. 

**Admittedly, I mostly kept the printers supplied with 11" x 17" paper and depending on the situation, toggled between these four suggestions:

• "Tried restarting?"

• "Try Control + Command + Power button." 

• "When's the last time you restarted?" 

• "Sure you're drinking enough water?" 


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