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presents The Fit Show 

BACKGROUND: Amazon Halo's health and fitness app + devices were designed to "take the hard out of health." To supplement 20-30 minute online fitness classes, we created several short form series to offer more fun, charm and entertainment to Halo's existing customers and gain awareness from new ones. 


INSIGHT: Bird Dogs, Monster Walks, Bear Squats? With so many weird exercise names, it can feel overwhelming and confusing. 

APPROACH: The Fit Show was designed to help make learning new exercises more fun and less intimidating. And to entertain while educating on the correct exercise form. It was also a quick way for customers get a feel for trainer personality and style before committing to a full class. 


CREATIVE: Welcome to The Fit Show! A game show inspired series where the host / fitness trainer welcomes regular people to their DIY set to demonstrate whatever exercise the wheel lands on. Whether they can or can't, there’s a (semi-patient) coach to guide. 

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