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Background: Kärcher had a problem. As the world’s #1 pressure washing company, few in North America knew them and their products weren't available through the standard retail channels. They needed brand awareness but didn't have the big budgets usually required for such an awareness campaign.


Creative Solution: With the goal of getting Kärcher's name out in a way that would garner earned media, we decided the company would help clean up one city at a time with a campaign that was driven by PR, social media and power washing super heroes. 


We started with the idea of "clean me" or "wash me" signs people write on dirty objects and built on that. "Clean Me" became "Kärcher Me".  Kärcher Me went on things and places in cities that needed a good cleaning.


These tags directed people to the Kärcher Me Facebook page where people could nominate other places in their cities they wanted Kärcher to clean. Then we created a team of Kärcher heroes who attacked these sites and turned them spotless.

Our efforts paid off by landing Kärcher in several big box stores across North America, greater brand awareness and consumer engagement in the US & Canada. 

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