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Background: As the world’s #1 seller of pressure washers, few in North America knew the name and its products weren't available through the standard retail channels. Kärcher needed brand awareness but without large budgets, we set out to create an initiative worthy of earned media. 


Creative Solution: To reinforce the brand's tagline, "Kärcher makes a difference" we had to think bigger than decks and driveways. With the help of some power-washing super heroes and a good social media strategy, Kärcher committed to cleaning up one city at a time from coast to coast. 

Locales put Kärcher Me clings on things and places in need of a good scrub-down in their communities. People could also nominate areas for Kärcher to clean via various social media channels.


Teams of Kärcher heroes stormed many of the nominated sites and to the surprise and delight of city residents, removed vast amounts of grit, grime and graffiti from well-loved public areas. 

Results: Not only did teams make local news headlines but efforts paid off by landing Kärcher in several big box stores across North America, with greater brand awareness and consumer engagement in the US & Canada. 

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