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Background: Emerald Nuts was only in its second year as a brand and needed to increase name recognition. Our Super Bowl TV campaign used acrostics that built the name, “E-M-E-R-A-L-D    N-U-T-S.”


Creative Solution: For two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, newspaper and digital ads drove people to a contest on their website. Here viewers could watch the full animation and/or create their own acrostic. The winner with the most creative acrostic won $1000 plus a bunch of nuts and their entry was illustrated by a New Yorker cartoonist and ran as a full page ad in USA Today on Super Bowl Sunday. And the three spots below ran during the Super Bowl. 



These ran in The New York Times and USA today every week for 2 weeks leading up to the contest and told people how to participate.


Digital and newspaper ads drove people to the site where they could enter their own acrostic and a chance to win a lifetime supply of Emerald Nuts plus their entry drawn by a New Yorker cartoonist and published in USA today.

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