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These are a few of the drawings and paintings that come from my observations of daily life. For more stuff like this but not exactly like this, visit 


(Click any image below to enlarge and view as gallery) 

Swimming In Optimism
Attention Seeker
Bandaid – found in my pocket
Candy Cane – found in my pocket
Rejected Taglines
For Real
I'll take the dog
Exotic Hobo
I like big buses
Things babies don't like
Stevie J
Oh Newt, you're such an idiot
Call now for details
Hobo Grapes
Perfectly normal
Things that'll make you happier
Veronica the peanut butter
Just another case of anomie
What in and what's out.
Not a cat lady
Forager vs Forger
The Streamline
Rich Man's Fanta
Promises promises
Shared Poncho
Time to Panic
Things to draw
Where Fun Begins
Dream Decoder Ring
The Detroit of Europe
Droning on about your drone
Nine Robins
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